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Nutrilite™ Vitamin D


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90 Tablets - Support Strong Bones + Immunity Get your sunshine from the inside out with Nutrilite™ Vitamin D. Provides Vitamin D in an amount equivalent to 16 cups of fortified milk. You’ll also get vitamin K2, which helps get calcium from your bloodstream into your bones.† Nutrilite™ Vitamin D delivers high-potency vitamin D that: Promotes bone health. Supports teeth, heart health and immune system. Sourced from mushrooms – one of nature’s most concentrated botanical sources of vitamin D. Studies show that most people don’t get enough of this beneficial nutrient, and it’s hard to get enough vitamin D through diet alone unless you eat fatty fish, (salmon, tuna and mackerel) and/or fish liver oils. This is why many health experts are now recommending an increase to the Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin D, suggesting that you get a minimum of 20 Micrograms (mcg) each day.

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