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Mythical Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Truffle Variety Pack – Yellow


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In a world of abundance, why settle? Each box is an orchestration of Mama Gaia’s divine magic, delivering the sustenance our cells crave as we journey through our life’s path. Dressed in heart opening Medicinal Cacao, the ooey gooey dark chocolate fudge center is velvet on the tongue. Close your eyes, and notice the subtle notes of pleasure and nourishment dance through your body and allow for continual expansion in your heart space.

Aphrodite lovingly caresses your heart space with the sweetness of raspberries and tenderness of damiana. Her friend, The Elder, is rooted in the spirit of healing magic, swirling elderberries with cinnamon and ginger. Bask in your own sovereignty, as Áine, “ON-ya”, blesses us with a wealth of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Named “The Food of the Gods”, cacao is imbued with divine purity. The Purist embodies Mother Gaia’s richness, connecting us to our heart center, a direct link to Source.

While indulging in Medicinal Cacao Truffles, we encourage you to take a deep breath then dance, sing, journal, meditate, or connect with others!

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