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The Lot – Food Carts and Taproom

A la Carte


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Á la carte started as a small hand built – open air food cart specializing in creative French Fry dishes and fresh salads. The specialty cart-made dressings and sauces were the key ingredients to the French Fry/Salad concept. Owner, Brandon Chambers, had the idea one day while dipping some French Fries in hummus. His food cart concept was born, specialty dishes on top of fries. Then decided to also put most of those same ingredients on fresh greens and have something delicious and healthy.

Once Brandon’s cart was open 7 days a week at The Lot, the demand for his food sky rocketed. Upgrading to the fully enclosed green cart was a must for being open year round and the bigger space also added the opportunity to add tacos to the menu.

We could not have had the level of success that we’ve been blessed with over the last several years without the contributions of such an awesome crew in the cart. Some of our most popular dishes include Carne Asada Fries, Sweet Potato Curry Fries, Gorgonzola Bacon Fries, our Caesar Salad, the Pork Curry Taco, the Spicy Shrimp Taco and our cart-made Mint Lemonade. In the winter, we have a tasty lemon grass coconut milk clam chowder that we HIGHLY recommend. We pride ourselves on quality, friendliness and deliciousness!

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