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bring about happy, LLC

Choose Happy PRIDE | 15 OZ Ceramic Coffee Mug | White with Blue Handle


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This PRIDE Choose Happy coffee mug is a gorgeous ceramic mug with blue inside and on the handle. Even better, it is a bigger mug — fitting 15 ounces in it — so you can enjoy your coffee longer. Great for coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, Theraflu, hot toddies, or an ‘adult beverage’ you want to disguise as you drink it on a Zoom call. No judgment here. Been there, done that last one. LOL *Important Notes: While we first released this mug in June, we support the LGBTQ+ Community year-round. And, we are not just another company trying to jump on a trend; this is something that is deeply tied to our personal lives. XOXO THE CHOOSE HAPPY PRIDE COFFEE MUG DETAILS: – Image on BOTH sides of the mug – White ceramic mug with blue inside and on handle – 15 oz (0.44 l) – Rounded corners with C-handle – Ships from Bend, Oregon in a 95-100% post-consumer recycled cardboard box

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