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Megan Marie Myers Art

Camping Logs – includes 4 perforated postcards


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These 5 1/2″ x 7″ camping logs are a great companion for the adventurous spirit and avid camper!  They are the perfect size to keep in your glove-box or knapsack so you can add notes about your campouts.

Each spread features an information page and a blank page for notes and journal entries. These camping logs features 30 entries to fill in specific information about each of your campouts during the year. This allows you to track practical information about weather conditions, campground offerings, and nearby sites so you can reference it again and again when you want to recall your favorite camp spots! This comes in handy when you are our of cell range and need a reference.

Additionally, the back of the logs feature 4 beautiful full-color post-cards that can be torn out along a perforated line and sent to friends and family during your adventures. The front of each postcard has a customizable greeting, “hello from beautiful __________”

  • There are 2 beautiful original art cover designs to choose from: “Van” or “Tent”
  • There are 30 entries to fill in. Each spread include one information page and one notes page
  • The last four pages feature 4 full-color postcards on heavy paper, which can be torn out along a perforated line
  • Books are bound with a durable wire binding that perfectly fits a pencil or pen

All artwork included in the log is originally painted by hand. My recent artwork explores intimate central and eastern Oregon landscapes, inspired by the region’s mountains, forests, deserts, rock formations, and rivers. The children and animals that typically appear as the subjects of my work radiate with innocence and a sense of wonder brought forth by a connection to nature. The characters journey through the outdoors, exploring themes of companionship, protection, wilderness and the greatest adventure of all, love.

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