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Light by Lizzie

Eco-Friendly, Locally Made, Made In USA, Sustainable
Artisan-Owned, Woman-Owned

Light by Lizzie was established in 2020 by Bend, Oregon native Elizabeth Austin Schneider. “Lizzie” discovered her love of candle making while recovering from ankle surgery and staying home during Covid restrictions.

Lizzie is the creator of the charming BEER CANdle.  These colorful rustic pillar candles made with repurposed wax and aluminum cans are the perfect size, and look fantastic in any room. They are unscented and truly have a warm glow when they burn.  All of them are unique so be sure to specify your color preferences when ordering.

OLD WAX…If you have old candles or wax you would like to get rid of, Lizzie will gladly take it off your hands to create more BEER CANdles.  Contact her for a wax pick up or delivery in Central, OR.

Lizzie also creates unscented 100% soy wax candles in a variety of lovely tins and unique glass containers.  Although she does scent some candles with pure essential oils, she prefers to leave candles unscented so they are more appealing to a larger audience.  Special orders are gladly taken if you have a particular fragrance in mind.

Candles may be purchased on this site or contact Lizzie for immediate sales, wholesale or bundle pricing, shipping prices, or if you have any questions. She loves to talk candles, yet moreso she loves to share them with others!