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Sweet Pea Cole

So Grateful Note Card


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With a little bit of hippie and a dash of boho, this thank you card was made for expressing gratitude effortlessly. As greeting cards go, this one- with a pipe-smoking ground squirrel- is pretty easy going. Mail it, slip it into their bag, or leave it on the table. However you deliver this illustrated card, your special person will feel appreciated. They may even be moved to hum a little jingle-jangle song about scarlet begonias, but I can’t guarantee that.

OutsideSo Grateful

Inside: blank.

A vintage VW van is parked by stacked rocks and a golden-mantled ground squirrel smoking a pipe on the beach in the setting sun illustrated by Sweet Pea Cole.

Cards are 4.875” x 3.5” printed on 120# uncoated paper with bright blue envelope.

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