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Somewhere That’s Green

My Best Friend is a Cactus Kids Book


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Now over 500 copies sold! A simple watercolor picture book that educates kids of all ages about popular houseplants, while still looking fashionable on your coffee table or bookcase. These watercolor images and quirky descriptions will teach kids (and the child at heart) to identify a plant within their home, and even learn a fun fact about that species. Publisher, author and illustrator John Kish was inspired by his own horticultural passion that started at the age of just 5 years old when he cultivated soil for his first garden. Now, kids and parents will be able to identify and list fun facts about their own houseplants or those throughout their world. The benefits of houseplants within the family home have only been proven over and over again; let us lend a hand to educating your children about the importance of "greenifying" our homes and spaces! Found at John's store- Somewhere That's Green, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Walmart.

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