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Lotus Naturals

All Natural Oils for Babies


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3 Different Essential Oil Rollers safe for baby 4 months+ Tiny Teether essential oil is a baby safe blend of Lavender and Roman Copiaba. Simply roll along outside of jaw line to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain associated with teething. It can also be applied to the bottoms of baby's feet to calm and soothe. Mama Lotus "Sleepy Baby" Blend- Apply to babies feet prior to nap and bedtime to help soothe into a blissful sleep! Tiny Tummy is an all-natural and safe essential oil blend for your little ones tummy woes. Can be used for many different issues including but not limited to digestion, acid reflux, constipation, colic, indigestion and more. To use, simply roll a little bit on baby’s tummy or the bottom of feet. Be sure to cover with clothing or socks to prevent baby from getting the oils on their hands and in their eyes or mouth.

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